Chiropractic care for the treatment of work related injuries has a high rate of patient satisfaction, been shown to be more cost effective than medical care and gets the patient back to full work duties at a faster rate.  It is very important that care gets started as soon as possible.  In Oregon, when an injury occurs, notify your employer immediately at which time you should fill out an 801 form from your employer provided by the State.  This form is then sent by the employer to the employers Insurance carrier.  Then call our office and make an appointment for care.  There have been widespread reports that employers are steering injured workers to certain doctors or clinics for initial treatment.  This is not legal.  You have the right to seek initial treatment at the doctor or facility of your choice. As of January 01, 2008 Oregon workers can treat with any Chiropractic Physician up to 18 visits within the first 60 days after an injury and we are authorized to authorize up to 30 days of modified or absence from work if needed.  It is a positive change from the previous rule in effect which was 12 visits within 30 days.  The legislature is again starting to see the value of conservative chiropractic care despite pressure from interests that do not want to see workers have choices in their care.

We will work to hard diagnose and treat your injury and return you to full function as soon as possible.  Once your claim is accepted, the insurance carrier that has a managed care plan can require you to seek care at one of their facilities.  However, by rule they can take up to ninety days to do this and your care is often completed by then.

As for injuries that occur under Washington States Workers Compensation System they are handled under the Bureau of Labor and Industries(Wa. L & I) We also accept those claims and a patient is allowed to seek treatment with Chiropractic care for an injury.

Many people think that chiropractic can only treat conditions related to the spine and pelvis.  Although this is the primary focus, our training is very comprehensive and prepares us to treat injuries to other joints in the body including shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, wrists and even hands and feet.  If these injuries are more complicated, we have trusted medical specialists that we refer to enhance the evaluation and treatment.

The most important thing about an injury is to get treatment started as soon as possible before inflammation increases and does more damage.  Scar tissue starts to form within 72 hours of an injury and lessening the inflammation and beginning the process of restoring proper function can decrease the recovery time and lessen the chances of long term effects.

If you have had an injury for a while that is not progressing, you may still be able to receive chiropractic care.   This may be able to be done through a change of physician or by a referral from your treating physician.  Call the office for a consultation at no cost to you to see if this is an option.

If you have had a work injury, don’t delay.

Call now to (503) 254-4252 and get the care you deserve.