When people participate in any level of sports they are often prone to injuries fairly specific to the particular activities involved. Chiropractic can be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries as this care is particularly focused on restoring function. Most people want to get back to their activities as soon as possible. Treatment is not only focused on injuries of the spine and pelvis but also the extremities including the knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands and wrists. Most joints in the body can get locked in a position within its normal range but not in optimum motion and position and, if that is the case, will only ultimately respond to restoring that normal position and motion.

Many injuries that do occur may be thought to be a localized muscle pull, for example, but can be caused by a basic structural flaw. A hamstring may be more susceptible to a pull from the muscles being under postural stress as it helps stabilize the pelvis. If there is improper alignment or movement of the pelvis it can cause improper movement in the joints leading to that extra pull. An ankle may be prone to chronic sprains because joints in the foot and ankle maybe locked up from the initial sprain injury and not having the movement properly restored. Chiropractic can help these type of injuries by addressing the underlying causes and hopefully decrease the chances of return.

If there is a an underlying structural problem that you were born with in the feet or other parts of the lower extremity, we are also equipped to deal with that. Our office works closely with our business neighbor, Brace Yourself to fit custom made orthotics right here in Portland at a reasonable price. These can be easily re-adapted if needed to your satisfaction because of the local connection.

As part of treatment with sports injuries, we often use rehabilitative home exercise programs that uses an athletes drive to succeed to accentuate the healing process. Injuries can happen at any level of activity, from casual runners and walkers to tri-athletes. If you are going to take fitness to the next level, you should receive training from a professional to minimize the possibility of injury. Most fitness centers have trainers available if you are a member but it is important to follow your instincts and do not overdo exercise as you know your bodies limitations better than anyone.

The most important thing to remember about injuries is to treat them as soon as they occur and by having a healthy and sound structure that chiropractic can help provide, injuries can often be prevented and performance enhanced.

It is best to be examined immediately if you have been injured. Call today at (503) 254-4252.