Dr. Ronald W. Kreger

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Kreger has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bowling Green University in Ohio and is a 1985 graduate from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. He credits Chiropractic for his ability to continue in practice for over twenty five years.

During that time, he has treated thousands of patients safely and effectively. Dr. Kreger takes pride in working to appropriately diagnose and treat your health condition with conservative methods including manipulation, or adjustment of the spine, and additional therapies available at the clinic.

If needed, you will also receive necessary professional referrals to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and the healing process as Dr. Kreger believes in the importance of integrating care with other health professionals.

Dr. Kreger became a Chiropractic Physician because he was helped tremendously by chiropractic care with health issues that stated when he was in my early twenties. Having already obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology, he returned to Chiropractic College at twenty seven years old and four years later was able to start helping others the way he was helped. Over the years he has been able to expand his abilities to help out many different types of injuries and health conditions. People injured in auto accidents have conditions which are often initially challenging to treat because of their acute nature but it is rewarding to see the progress that can be obtained in a reasonable amount of time. Many people are often afraid to come in but I can assure you that because of his own experiences you will be treated with care, kindness and professionalism. We are very aware that your time is as valuable as ours so efficiency and timeliness will be emphasized so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

This experience also is valuable for treating work injuries, sports related injuries and conditions and persistent health problems not responding to conventional care. The process that he has been through in dealing with his health also makes him very appreciative of what others have to offer and if needed he is ready to refer for consultations to other medical or alternative practitioners. What is most important is that you as the patient receive the care you need, whatever that may be.

Melissa Brown

Licensed Massage Therapist, #8095

Melissa has been providing therapeutic massage in the Portland-Vancouver area since graduating from the Oregon School of Massage in 2001. She is licensed in Oregon and Washington. Melissa has worked with at our practice since 2004 and collaborates closely with Dr. Kreger in regards to those mutual patients, especially those injured in accidents, to optimize healing as a direct compliment to Chiropractic care.

Melissa specializes in deep tissue massage and injury repair. She offers a wide variety of techniques for all treatment levels. Melissa has the ability and experience to accommodate preexisting medical conditions, age, pregnancy and personal comfort levels. Her belief is that with patience and dedication healing is possible. Melissa looks forward to being able to help those in need and answering any questions you may have regarding massage.

In addition to working with Kreger Chiropractic on traumatic injuries, Melissa has a private practice for self-pay patients and can be contacted for appointments at 503-998-2121.

Carla J.

Front Office Manager

Carla is our full time front office employee and will work with you on all aspects of you visit to our office. Please ask her any questions you may have concerning paper work, insurance claims, financial issues or scheduling needs. Additionally, she is fluent in Spanish and can act as a translator if needed.