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Therapeutic Massage Care

melissa_sm.jpgMassage is an excellent compliment to chiropractic care and in a clinical setting is especially helpful to injury repair.  Whereas chiropractic focuses on treatment to the joints of the spine and extremities and influencing the nervous system, massage works on the muscles adjacent to those joints, both as a treatment to those muscles specifically injured, and as supportive measure to the chiropractic treatment of the joints.  In traumatic injuries it is often used throughout the treatment regimen in order to assist in the repair of those injured muscles, decrease muscle spasm and loosen short and tight muscles using various massage techniques.

Not only is massage an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care but for many people it is a preferred stand alone treatment that can be accessed at this office without becoming a chiropractic patient.  At our office, the massage therapist, Melissa Brown, LMT, NCTMB, has been doing massage for the last twelve years and has been with this office since 2004 working in conjunction with Dr. Kreger.  She is a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage here in Portland.  The major emphasis of Melissa’s treatment is deep tissue injury repair but her various techniques can be modified to adapt to the individual needs of a patient based on age, body type and sensitivity to touch or pressure.   

It is important to know that we can bill massage treatment that has a referral from Dr. Kreger or other licensed physician on auto or worker’s compensation cases, to take that burden off of you during a trying time.  In addition there are other insurance policies that do have coverage that can be billed from our office, but each individual policy has to be checked in order to determine the benefits.  Our front office staff can assist you with coverage questions.  We also offer a payment at time of service discount to assist those with limited resources.

From talking with patients we are always amazed at the number of people who have not received  a therapeutic massage before.  If you have not previously experienced the benefits of massage therapy, the office staff and massage therapist will help you to feel comfortable and explain the process so that you can receive the maximum benefit from this valuable treatment.  Our clinic has a private room for massage, providing a quiet, professional atmosphere.  Massage appointments are available Tuesday through Friday.  Special arrangements can be made for Monday appointments at the discretion of the massage therapist.

So whether it is your first massage or you are continuing the use of massage as a treatment, call the office and we will be glad to assist you in setting up an appointment.

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